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Here, we believe that socks are always there for you. Whether you're parading through town, accepting your diploma, or even saying your vows to the love of your life - socks are always going to there. They're also always going to be that "perfect present" for that "perfect someone".
Whether you've captured a memorable moment, your friend's hilarious face, or a snap of your be - loved dog - we're here to bring that to life in the comfort of socks.
To us, people should express their affection to the special one int the most special way. They should know who you're willing to take with you, every single step of the way.
That's why at myfacesocks we only equip the best designers, customer service extraordinaire, marketing specialists and more to bring your creative, personal visions to life. We're a small team of 25, but we dream big, one pair at a time. We've expanded to more than just socks, underwear, but even blankets pajamas, hawaiian shirt and more.
We create them for the mom's who are so proud of their children, that they can't help but let the whole world know.
We create them for the dog mom and dad's who can't get enough of those irresistible puppy eyes.We create them for the dog mom and dad's who can't get enough of those irresistible puppy eyes.
We create them for the sons and daughters who worked tirelessly to pay their way through college, only to walk across the stage in style.
We create them for the newlywed couples who want their family to be there, whether they can physically be there or not.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.
Email: cs@myfacesocks.com
Addr.: Room D, 10/F, Tower A,Billion Center, 1 Wang Kwong Road, Hong Kong
TEL: 1-844-869-1500
Mon-Fri.9.00AM - 6.00 PM, New York Time
Legal name of business: SOUFEEL JEWELRY LIMITED


Here Is What Our 10000+ Customers Have To Say

Boyfriend loved these socks .Because it really great that get faces on the socks! High quality print and sock material.

Abby / Facebook

These socks are adorable, and super thick and cozy! It have a good quality, The Shipping is super fast and I couldn't be happier! The packaging is nice too. I Love so much.

Cavin / Instagram

They’re of amazing quality. The socks are comfy, and the picture quality is great. I bought these as a gift , I was so excited when I opened the package and saw them.

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They are absolutely adorable and my order came extremely fast. the shipping is so fast , Highly recommend not only the product but this shop. Excellent!

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I love these socks! They have a good quality , these socks are adorable and I’d recommend them for sure! I expected order the socks next !

Domand / Facebook

Socks came out great! Communication with seller was professional and very prompt. Also, socks were made quickly and fast shipping. Highly recommend. Thank you!

Jenny / instagram

Got these socks and they turned out amazing! We couldn’t be happier and he loved this, such a cute, fun and creative gift! Thank y’all, they are perfect!

Queen / Instagram

They are perfect ! Way better quality than I have seen before on printed pictures, nice quality socks, will definitely order again.

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These are awesome and they come earlier than expected yay ! I will be happy!

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Shipped quickly and was exactly as described. Made for a great gift!

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I got this socks . Arrived on time. I loved it. It's beautiful and unique. I placed another order for a friend. Thank you for your great service.

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This gift was so good and this is a direct quote from him "Thanks so much it really works great! Highly recommend!

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This product is amazing. Definitely recommend. Quality is great. If you send a picture that is not high enough quality, they will ask you for a new one.

Karen Holden / Facebook

Got this for my friend as christmas a gift, and she loved them , The socks arrived pretty quickly and looked exactly as anticipated. Can't wait to see my friend wear these socks !

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Absolutely perfect! Cannot wait to give the socks as Christmas gifts! The shop was extremely helpful, Would absolutely recommend them and will probably purchase more from here!!

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What an awesome product! It is very comfortable. This was such a fun surprise for my boyfriend. Highly recommend this store!

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The socks fits perfect and material is super soft! Thank you for fast delivery shipped in 1 bussiness day and made in the Australian.

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Got this socks ! Fast delivery and quality make me amazing. I will place another order for my friend. Thank you for your great service.

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I want to give this shop 10 stars for everything. The delivery super fast, packaging is excellent and The quality of socks is also excellent. I cannot recommend highly enough. Thanks so much

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I highly recommend this shop to anyone. The prices are affordable and the quality is of a very high standard. I am very pleased with my purchase and cannot wait for the next sale! Thanks so much

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